Reporting From The Front Lines: An Interview With Karen Ocamb

In the latest issue of HARDY, Joey Gray talks with Karen Ocamb, an icon of gay journalism, about her passionate coverage of the HIV/AIDS crisis over the past tree decades: 

“For those of us in the LGBT media, it felt like we were in a glass tank, water rising, as we beat against the glass walls screaming to get someone’s attention. HELP! WE’RE DROWNING IN AIDS! WE’RE DYING! HELP! 

But since the disease was only killing a despised minority group, getting any coverage was difficult and in the beginning some reporters and camera people thought they deserved hazard pay for going into this contagious war zone.” 

To read the full interview, order your copy of HARDY Vol. 2 HERE.

(Image) Westchester County Correctional Officers, 1983 c/o New York Post Archives (Inset) “Rare Cancer seen in 41 Homosexuals,” by Lawrence K. Altman, July 3, 1981 c/o New York Times Archives

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